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Tenet Review

The word Tenet is a palindrome, which means it’s the same forwards and backwards. While I won’t spoil why I personally think the film is called Tenet, the film deals with the flow of time and how effecting the flow could end the world. Christopher Nolan has never shied away from telling stories around weird sci-fi concepts with Inception being the most notable to date, Tenet is in my opinion Christopher Nolan’s most complex film. But just because it’s complex doesn’t mean it’s confusing.

Tenet is a globe-trotting spy film that has mind blowing action set pieces. As I was watching them from a highway heist to a siege during an orchestra performance. The action is fast, exciting, well shot, well edited and is just leagues better than the action in other Christopher Nolan films. All of the acting is great, the only weak performance in the entire film is Kenneth Branagh, I don’t think he does a good job and every scene he’s in just slightly suffers because of it. John David Washington and Robert Patterson are the true stands out and do an amazing job. The soundtrack is also just spectacular and just adds to the film in every way. Tenet is an experience. It’s a film that must been seen not just the on biggest screen but the Biggest IMAX screen you can see it on. It is really worth going to see in a cinema but please only go if you feel 100% safe.

Written By Robert Drever

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