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Mulan 2020 Review

I wish there was a way to get back the 2 hours I wasted.

Mulan 2020 is in my opinion the definition of terrible. It adds little to the original animation and it fails to recreate the magic the original had. Instead of a timeless story about female empowerment, where you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Instead we get a story about if you have strong chi you can be a badass with no training.

Let’s talk about the stuff I liked…

Now moving onto the aspects, I didn’t like. All of the acting is unremarkable. Liu Yifei who plays Mulan, just comes across very wooden and boring. The best performance comes from Donnie Yen but even he doesn’t get the time to shine. The editing was flat out terrible at points and because of this, scenes were hard to follow and confusing. I felt the cinematography was lacklustre, not a single shot stood out as being visually interesting or beautiful. At times the film treats the audience like idiots, narration happens literally to explain what’s going on for people who in my opinion don’t have an attention span longer than 5 minutes. The action was just unwatchable, the camera was way too close to even see what was happening.

Mulan is what I hate about remakes. It does nothing to justify its own existence and is not worth an additional £20 on Disney Plus. Just watch the original Disney animation instead and save money.

Written By Robert Drever

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