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Relic Review: London FIlm Festival 2020

Full Disclosure I think the best way to watch this film is completely blind, so please watch the film before reading this review as I feel that’s the best way to experience the film.

How much you enjoy this film will solely rest upon if the film manages to sink its claws into you during the first 2 acts. The first 2 acts are basically a family drama using a real world illness as its horror rather than anything supernatural. The last act does become the horror film I wanted it to be and that last act is just so satisfying and thrilling but because I found the first 1 hour to be a bit slow and kinda boring, it really affected my enjoyment of the overall film. This could be the fact that knowing anything about the film mainly what is affecting the family makes everything so painfully obvious (Thanks IMDB plot synopsis). In my opinion the best way to watch this film might be completely blind and I wish I was able to watch the film blind. 

Still having the beginning of the film rely so heavily on the main cast is very risky. If there’s any weak performance the overall film will suffer. So it’s good that all of the acting in Relic is really great. Every performance is so realistic and raw that you do feel for what the family is going through. Relic is writer and director Natalie Erika James’s first feature and for a first feature, it is very well handled from a writing and directing standpoint and I was honestly shocked this was her first feature. The horror scenes alone at the end are honestly so terrifying and being blunt scared the shit out of me that I have to praise the director for it. While at the beginning, Relic wasn’t really a film for me it was slow and kind of boring but when the film entered the 3rd act it just grabbed me claws and all, that I was enthralled to the very end. I really do believe if I didn’t know anything about this film I would have maybe enjoyed it more than I did.

Written By Robert Drever

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