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Fish Story Review

Review copy provided by Third Window Films.

Can a song really save the world?

Fish Story is about the end of the world… I’m not joking. In the opening we see an asteroid making its way towards earth with scientists saying there is no way to destroy it in time before it collides with the Earth. During this time, we see 3 people meet at a music store discussing if there is any glimmer of hope. During this discussion the music store owner brings out a punk rock record called Fish Story and from there we see many stories spanning 4 decades all of them being connected by the title track of the record.

Fish Story is what I love about foreign cinema, it’s silly, its mature, its action packed and it’s just simply great. While It did take a while before it sunk its teeth in but once it did, I was on board till the very end. It’s a film that has many mysteries but as soon as you figure out those mysteries it is just so rewarding and incredible. All of the acting in fish story is just great, I don’t think there is a single weak performance. But let’s talk about the song Fish Story, the song is a banger and I’ve listened to it many times after watching the film it’s just so good. Fish Story is a must watch film, while I do have some issues with it, it is definitely one to add to your watch list.

Written By Robert Drever

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