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Rose A Love Story Review: London Film Festival 2020

While watching Rose: A Love Story (which I’m going to call Rose for short) I kept thinking that I was watching a lesser It Comes At Night. Both films are very similar, both involve a couple living in isolation welcoming unexpected guest into there home and how things go from bad to worse because of them allowing the guest to stay in there house. However unlike with It Comes At Night, Rose is not a brilliant film. Rose is a decent film however its biggest negative is that it feels like a cheaper version of It Comes At Night. The film is decently made with some good practical effects, cinematography and performances. But for me I felt the biggest “twist” of the film was painfully obvious and the films ending is very and I mean very anti-climatic. Honestly when the film ended I was shocked, I honestly thought the film had at least another 10 minutes before it ended but then it did end and it left a bad taste in my mouth. Honestly there’s not much more I could say about this film overall its just good, nothing stood out as great and nothing was bad apart from the ending. If you need something to watch to kill time Rose isn’t a bad film to chuck on.

Written By Robert Drever

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