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Possessor Review: London Film Festival 2020

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and watching the second film by Brandon Cronenberg who is David Cronenberg’s son that statement is very accurate. 

To me Possessor is a film that is very much style over substance. For every awesome practical effect there was a moment I was like but why is this happening. Many things is Possessor are not well explained, from a key plot point about how the main character cannot do a certain requirement for her job or why the main character decides to torture someone instead of I don’t know killing them like they are supposed to. Im trying to be vague to avoid spoilers but after watching the film I sat for 10 minutes thinking a lot of the films plot could have been better with a clearer explanation. 

Maybe this lack of confusing is the scripts fault, maybe one of lines don’t stick in the viewers head that justifies the main characters actions,  but if it’s not clear to the viewer why something is happening to me that is poor writing. The gore is pretty fantastic though, while debatably over the top, the gore in Possessor saves the film from being a boring confusing nightmare. A lot of the effects are done practically and because of that they look incredible and have a real shock value to them. The last thing of notable praise is the acting which is decent, no one blew me away as being great but no one was bad. Possessor is a film that if your there just for the gore you’ll walk away loving this movie but for me the gore should add to the story and characters but when your film has a boring story and uninteresting characters well the gore is just there to keep the audience entertained.

Written By Robert Drever

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