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New Order Review: London Film Festival 2020

Taking place in a dystopian Mexico, New Order is a film about class divide and how the rich live completely different lives to the poor. This idea of class divide has been a common theme in big films recently like Joker and Parasite. But New Order takes these themes and does something very different from those other 2 films. New Order is a dark, disturbing and genially terrifying film that shocked me from beginning to end. I think the first thing i’ll discuss is the violence in this film. The violence in this film is raw, shocking and doesn’t hold back. People are brutally murdered and for some people out there may lead to an uncomfortable watch but that is what I loved about the film. To me some of the best films I’ve seen are the ones that challenge you and New Order fits in that category.

The themes it explores of the poor suffer during times of chaos and the rich live the life of luxury and have no idea what the real world is like rings even more true during these times. Seeing the rich get all the medical attention they need while a poor person is shot on the street simply for trying to go to a hospital is gut punching. Moving onto the technical aspects I felt the film is very well shot, during a lot of the more chaotic scenes everything is clear and well framed and not shaky to hide anything. I thought all of the acting is great, there isn’t a single weak performance. I also really enjoyed the soundtrack, all of the music is used effectively and adds to the overall tone of the film. New Order isn’t for the faint hearted, if you can handle an intense film, New Order is a must watch.

Written By Robert Drever

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