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Another Round Review: London Film Festival 2020

They say that drinking loosens you up and relax’s you so you can have a good time. Another Round is the latest film by Thomas Vinterbeg famous for the film The Hunt (2012), and is about a group of 4 friends who decided to put a theory into practice. The theory is that “humans are born with a blood alcohol content that’s 0.05% too low”. So they decided to keep their Blood alcohol Content at that level and record what happens to their lives and does it improve in anyway. Another Round is a film that is both equally funny and exciting to watch while also being a dark and very real look on how alcohol can effect people and how using a substance to take the edge off can lead to a problem.

The film is very performance driven so its a good thing that all of the performances are fantastic but that wasn’t shocking to me when I saw that Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale) was the lead. I honestly believe Mads Mikkelsen can never give a bad performance, he is just simply fantastic. The rest of the cast are also fantastic, there was not one bad performance in this film. The film is really well shot, most of the film was shot handheld I believe which doesn’t surprise me as Thomas Vinterbeg along with Lars Von Trier (Anti Christ) came up with the Dogma 95 filming making movement which only permitted handheld filmmaking. Honestly my only issues with the film are that what the films are trying to say are a bit to simple in my opinion. Another Round is a film that I want to go another round with (see what I did there), its a film that is extremely well mad and is extremely entertaining. I highly recommend seeing it when you can.

Written By Robert Drever

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