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Bad Tales Review: London Film Festival 2020

Bad Tales is a film that for most of its run time I had no idea what was happening or even more what it was trying to say. It’s a decently made film that lacked any sort of substance and at times acted more disturbing than it actually was. Following a group a dysfunctional families that are connected in varies ways Bad Tales is about how bad parenting can lead to badly behaved children. This in concept sounds interesting. Seeing the parents act cruel to their kids and seeing how cruelty is passed on to them could lead to a message about how kids learn from their parents and how good parenting is important for a Childs up bringing. 

Instead in my opinion it becomes a comedy with the kids doing stuff (I am trying not to spoil the situation) that was really comical and over the top. Many moments just happen and I had to pause the film to figure out in my head what was going on, for example I still have no idea what the science teacher was teaching them. Its not all bad though the performances are good especially the child actors and its nicely shot and edited but having good performances and being well made doesn’t really save this film. Ive said this many times but a films worst sin is being boring, it doesn’t matter how well its made if its boring and Bad Tales is to me is a boring film that had very little to say.

Written By Robert Drever

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