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Millennium Actress Review

Satoshi Kon is a truly incredible anime director, from his creative editing style to his unique and influential visuals, his work is timeless. Millennium Actress is a prime example of why he was a truly incredible director. Following a filmmaker and his camera man as they decide to interview a former actress for a documentary, during this interview, they travel through the actress’s memories and her career. Nothing about this film’s presentation is stale, from the colours to the transitions, everything is mind blowing. There is one scene transition that is simply mind blowing and shows off the true power of animation as a media. The film tackles a lot of heavy issues, from propaganda films to the horrors of war era japan to even abuse of film makers powers. It is a very modern film that was somehow made in 2001. However, its biggest achievement is simply how funny it is, while there are moments that are heart breaking. The film truly never fails to make you laugh. In a day in age where at the biggest showcase of cinema, animation is simply seen as for kids to enjoy and for adults to endure. Its film like Millennium Actress that prove that its simply not the case. Animation is wonderful medium that can tell stories like no other and present it in ways that are simply impossible in live action. I love animation and Millennium Actress and all of Satoshi Kon’s filmography is more than just kid’s entertainment.

Written By Robert Drever

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