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Spiritwalker Review

Review copy provided by CineAsia

What happens when you mix the iconic Quantum Leap with John Wick? You get Spiritwalker, a truly special South Korean action thriller. Waking up with no memory and learning that every 12 hours he switches bodies, our main character has 1 mission uncover the truth and find out who he is! Spiritwalker simply grabbed me with its opening scene. You are dropped into this situation just like the main character. You have no idea what is happening and the way the film pulls back it’s layers to reveal the truth is expertly done. What stands out in this film is it’s a masterclass in editing, while it’s a very serious film there are moments of levity that expertly uses cuts to make you burst out into laughter. While I wished there was more action, the action we get is nothing short of incredible and expertly done. The final action scene alone will go down as one of the best action scenes of the year and contains fantastic choreography and is amazingly shot. All the performances are great but Yoon Kye-Sang as the lead is a true stand out. He is truly amazing and brings his character to life. Spiritwalker is truly special film, it’s a film I can’t wait to watch again, and it’s a film I want to share to everyone. It’s another prime example on why I love Asian cinema and how some of the most exciting and original films come from Asia.

Written By Robert Drever

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