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Everything Everywhere All at Once Review

Walking out of Everything Everywhere All at Once one thought came rushing through my mind, and that was when can I see it again. This is a truly special film that is weird, heartfelt, funny, emotional, and thrilling. Michelle Yeoh is Evelyn Wang a Chinese immigrant who is struggling to file her taxes. While it sounds simply the journey takes a wild turn and becomes about how Evelyn Wang must save the infinite multiverses from an evil being called Jobu Tupaki. Michelle Yeoh is truly outstanding and gives one of her best performances in a very long time. But in a way the true star of this film Ke Huy Quan famous for being Data in The Goonies and Short Round in Temple of Doom. He is truly incredible, and his character brings a lot to the emotional core of the film.

The action is utterly brilliant. The choreography is fun and creative, the way it blends humour and hard-hitting moments is simply incredible. It’s a great looking film from its cinematography to its CGI. Its also an extremely funny film from confusing Ratatouille with Raccacoonie and creative uses of trophies, I belly laughed a lot during the film and that’s truly rare. I love Everything Everywhere All at Once, it’s a truly special film and a film that is utterly insane but at the same time it’s very approachable so approachable in fact I think everyone can enjoy this film.

Written By Robert Drever

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