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Fish Story Review

Can a punk song save the world?? That is the question posed by Fish Story, a 2009 Japanese film based on the book written by Kotaro Isaka who also wrote the book for the latest Brad Pitt trainwreck of a film called Bullet Train. However, unlike that film Fish Story is a true delight and is simply fantastic! The film follows 4 stories which are based in the years 1975, 1982, 2009 and 2012 all the years are connected by the song Fish Story. While the film will not blow your mind in terms of cinematography or it’s soundtrack, everything else makes up for it. The 4 stories are all utterly engaging and riveting, and no two stories feel the same.  How all the stories are interconnected throughout the different timespans and edited together is utterly flawless. One moment you are going from a story about hidden messages in songs and seeing the future to a boat heist. While in a way that sounds like it could cause major whiplash, the film somehow nails a consistent tone throughout, allowing everything to flow well together. All the acting is great and there truly isn’t a bad performance in the entire film. But a key factor they had to get was the song and luckily the song Fish Story is an utter banger and I listen to the song a lot in my free time. Fish Story is honestly a personal favourite film of mine, and it is worthy of a watch.

Written By Robert Drever

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