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Shadow Review + Interview

After graduating University with a Computing Science degree and doing my honours project on AI, I can safely tell you how truly scary the tech is. While the tech is still far off from replacing humans. Shadow explores this from the viewpoint of people who have disabilities. Every member of the production, cast and crew have different disabilities. Shadow follows 3 activists who hold a town meeting to discuss AI but as the meeting goes on, we discover their greatest threat could be with each other. At just under an hour long, Shadow flies by at a quick pace, this is also where I think the biggest issue of the film lies. The film covers a lot of serious and important issues, but it crams so much in such a short time. I never felt the film really lets its ideas sit with us before moving quickly onto the next issue. What it does discuss is very fascinating and simply scary when you think about it. I feel the true standout is the cast, who are simply fantastic and without there solid performances I feel the film would not feel the same at all. The 3 leads are a delight to watch and do a great job at presenting the films message. By the end of Shadow, you’ll be sitting there like the audience in the film thinking about what’s discussed and the horrors that await us if AI tech continues to evolve which it is doing.


The interview was attended by both Sarah and Simon who are two of the writers of the film as well as two of the main stars

Q- AI is a big part of the film, Scott actively interacts with Tina on his mobile, and you reference 2001 A Space odyssey and Hal’s Legacy. How important was it to highlight the impact that AI will eventually have in everyone’s lives?

Simon – I believe that when we are gone everything will go through AI

Sarah – I believe once we are in the future – way in the future, I think the AI will take over

Q – The film talks about separating the art from the artist at times doing my research, art made by disabled people is seen as cute do you think the film can overcome people’s preconceptions

Sarah – I am looking for strength, likeness, empowerment and because I am talking about serious things but in a light-hearted way so I guess I am looking for not to be too serious and just looking for not wanting to put anybody down in particular

Simon – I want people to understand What AI will do as we go on and how we are treated differently.

Q- On a rainy day and your stuck inside what do you like to do

Simon – I watch my favourite movie of all time Crossroads

Sarah – I like to stay inside and watch my favourite film which is also Crossroads

Written By Robert Drever

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