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Wolfwalkers Review London Film Festival 2020

Right off the bat, I have to make this clear. Wolfwalkers based solely on its animation is absolutely breath taking. Every frame of this film is just like a work of art and in my opinion is a type of animation I feel is missing from modern kid’s films because they are mostly made by Disney or Pixar. However, were a lot of my issues come from are its story and characters. The main character is very rebellious. We are told that no-one is allowed into the woods, yet mere 2 seconds later she ignores this advice. This leads to a character who is more frustrating than relatable. Sadly, this rebellious mindset from the beginning lessens the impact of scenes later on.

Due to this issue, I felt it hard to engage with the story as the main characters actions drives the plot forward. For most people these issues will mean nothing. However, since I critically look at films, the story and the characters for the first 45 minutes didn’t click with me but at the same time the last 45 minutes are just simple enthralling. The characters and the story kick into high gear and I see its true potential as being a masterpiece of animation. I honestly loved the last 45 minutes and I wish the whole film was like that. Wolfwalkers is a really good film that could have been fantastic but for kids it’s a must see. It’s a high recommendation from me for family watch.

Written By Robert Drever

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