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Versus Review

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Versus can easily be described in one word. Insane. I honestly had a blast watching Versus, it’s just flat out fun. The action is simply bananas and I couldn’t stop smiling because of it. Seeing Yakuza members kill zombies in fun and gory ways is just thrilling. Honestly watching the Yakuza just unloading a bunch of bullets into the first zombie they encounter I knew I was in for a good time. While some of the action is over edited and the camera is a bit close at some points, (which is probably due to its budget) but even with those issues the action is just so entertaining. But since this is a zombie film we got to talk about the zombies and mainly the practical effects. Some of the practical effects are draw dropping and, in my opinion, really add to the overall experience of this film despite the limited budget.

However not everything works well and in my opinion the story and acting really hold the film back. It clearly feels like the “plot” was constructed in a way so that all of the insanity could occur. While I’m not against this approach, I still want the plot to make logical sense. The acting while not as bad as the plot still isn’t remarkable everyone just serves their respective roles fine. Versus isn’t trying to be the next Citizen Kane. It is however fun and engaging. I honestly highly recommend Versus for anyone who likes weird Japanese films.

Written By Robert Drever

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