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Rice Distribution & Nail Review

Rice Distribution

Spanning the course of one day, Rice Distribution is about The Ghost Festival which during the festival organisations give away rice to the poor and elderly. The film captures these events in a way that is simply gripping. The cinematography makes you feel like you are there watching the events unfold in front of your eyes and what the film captures is truly horrifying and sad. The way the elderly and poor are treated is simply shocking and seeing the rich act like they achieved some great act of kindness is something that could only be seen to be believed. Tammy Cheung does a great job directing this film. Every shot and moment felt organic and the cinematography by Augustine Lam is simple but leads to an effective film. I found this documentary to be simply great and every time I watch it there’s something new, I discover that only adds to my appreciation of the events that unfolded. Truly a must-watch.


To put it simply Nail wasn’t for me. The Taiwanese film was experimental and different and in all honestly never worked. The audio choices were loud and ear-piercingly strange. I appreciate films that try something different but at the same time, it didn’t lead to a film that I enjoyed watching.

Written By Robert Drever

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