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Flowing Stories Review

Flowing Stories is a documentary spanning many years, it highlights the festival in the Ho Chung village which occurs every 10 years. It highlights the difference in the village over the last few decades, from a village with many open farming spaces to a town that is being built up around them and the loos of the traditional ways, however during these times the one thing that doesn’t change is the festival, and how the village residents no matter from where they now live come back to attend the festival.  The film follows one family and highlights what has happened to the family, from the marriage to the father and husband moving away for many many years for work, to the family coming back to the village to live out their final years, it also highlights that the family now living in France, still feel how important it is for them to attend the festival. This documentary was full of old stories but for me more importantly the old pictures that illustrated these stories were amazing, and the way the village still clings to the old ways and sense of family is nothing short of special.

Written By Robert Drever

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