Quantum Of Solace Review

Quantum of Solace is terrible, it is completely unwatchable from the opening minutes. The horrible editing makes the film a choppy mess. The action is impossible to watch without getting a headache because of how badly edited and shot it is. At times I had no idea what was going on, I literally shouted out what is going on at one point. I really hated this film, I hated this film so much that i’m not gonna waste my time reviewing this film to a high standard. Instead all i’m gonna say is that Casino Royale served the creators of this film a nice filet of steak, which is a beautiful cut of meat. All Quantum of Solace had to do was cook it to perfection, a nice medium rare and it could have been a fantastic film. Instead they butterfly it, bash the living hell out of it till it’s as thin as a 1p coin, chop it into thing strips and badly overcook it. 

Written By Robert Drever

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