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Proxima Review: Glasgow Film Festival 2020

Proxima uses space as a launching pad to tell a story about how the literal space between Sarah Loreau (played by Eva Green) and her daughter Stella (played by Zélie Boulant) affects their relationship. Proxima is a very well-crafted film but in my opinion, it never really takes off in a way that makes you feel it has something new to say on the subject matters which are brought up and highlighted.

Eva Green is really fantastic in the film the fact that she had to speak mainly French and English while also speaking a few other languages along the way and nailing them all is just incredible. Her character is simply believable, seeing her try her best to be a great figure in her daughters life while still trying to pursue her own personal goals just feels real and relatable. Eva Green truly steels the show but it could be because she is the most fleshed out character in the film. For example Matt Dillion is great but his character is very inconsistent at times. One moment he’s like you should take it easy since you are a women, another time he’s trying his best to support Sarah and another time he’s being kind of flirty and charming. It just felt jarring to me but overall everyone in the cast does a great job with what they have.

The films central focus is about the mother-daughter relationship and its a good thing it is the best part of the film. Seeing simple things about keeping promises and Sarah doing what ever she can so she can spend time with her daughter is just so organic feeling and genuine. But there are 2 scenes in particular that feels like logic was throwing out the window so we could have a scene of conflict and a heartwarming scene. To me if I’m questioning how things could have happened, if they are flat out impossible to me it isn’t a good thing.

It is a shame the story and the characters have so many issues as the technical aspects are really great. The film is well shot with some shots being flat out stunning. I thought it was well edited as the film didn’t feel long or overblown and the sets where really impressive, both underwater training scenes are just really well done. Alice Winocour did a really good job directing this film.

Proxima to me is a film that has the perfect recipe for success, but it just came out of the oven a little underdone.

Written By Robert Drever

Proxima is out in UK and Irish cinemas from May 8th

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