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Joker Review

Joker is an interesting film to talk about. On the one hand it deals with a man who has a mental illness and is beaten down by society in a unique and engaging way but on the other hand the film is not subtle with what’s its trying to say that it’s so obnoxious and frustrating.

The film is co-written and directed by Todd Philips who is most known for making The Hangover films which had me worried as The Hangover films aren’t what I call fine cinema but im happy to say that its decently directed, Gotham feels like a city in disrepair because of the directing and how well its shot.  

The soundtrack is unsettling and fits the film really well. Joaquin Phoenix is fantastic and is the best aspect of the entire film, His portrayal of a man on a downward spiral into villainy is shocking, brutal and believable 

The films biggest issue is the story. It is heavily inspired by Taxi Driver and The King Of Comedy and it’s hard not to think about those films while watching Joker and how Taxi Driver is so much better. The way the story tries to incorporate other DC characters is completely unnecessary and could have been cut from the film.

Does it live to the hype of being a masterpiece, in my opinion no but I do think its a must see film. Word of warning this film is dark and not for the faint hearted.

Written By Robert Drever

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