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Bumblebee Review

Bumblebee had me grinning from ear to ear when the film opened on Cybertron.  The amazing designs of the transformers based on the original 80’s cartoon that I grew up on made me feel like my childhood was coming to life.

Charlie played by Hailee Steinfeld is great, she deals with various relatable personal issues she’s a joy to watch and brings life to this film. Charlie’s relationships with Bumblebee and Memo (her neighbour) are believable, Bumblebee means a lot to her and you get to see her and Memo’s relationship grow and become something natural.

However some other characters are just plain awful. John Cena’s a mixed bag. He’s super serious one moment, the next he’s a goofy military man. it doesn’t feel like he’s the same character.

The CGI was really amazing throughout, Bumblebee felt realistic and the scenes on Cybertron were beautiful and stunning.

The highlights of the cinematography were the fight scenes which are awesome fun.  Although decently shot the camera was a bit close at times making it hard to understand what was going on. However the rest of the film is lacking in appearance and nothing show stopping.

There where extremely cheesy scenes which appeared out of place compared to the rest of the film, which resulted in the film being a bit too long.

The soundtrack was unoriginal and just relied on 80’s nostalgia.

Overall bumblebee was a step in the right direction for the transformers franchise.

Written By Robert Drever

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