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Ip Man Review

Inspired by the legendary martial art master of the same name. Ip Man encompasses what I love about films. It combines a gripping and engaging story with moments of out of this world action creating a martial art masterpiece to rival even famous Hong Kong classics like Project A and Dragons Forever. Donnie Yen who plays Ip Man is just simply fantastic, he nails both the dramatic scenes and the action scenes perfectly. After watching this film, I kept thinking to myself I want more Donnie Yen in everything. The rest of the cast are also great and portray their characters very well.

But are the action scenes good? They are not good, they are fantastic. Every fight scene is gripping, fast paced and entertaining. The best action scene in the film is when Ip Man takes on 10 karateka, it is incredibly well shot, edited, the fight choreography is insane, and the soundtrack is epic. All of these aspects combined lead to an action scene that is simply flawless. Hong Kong action legend Sammo Hung did an outstanding job as the action director on this film.

I just simply love this film, as soon as the credits rolled, I purchased all the Ip Man films on 4K.  If you want to see modern action cinema done right, well shot action, avoiding shaky cam and quick cuts you can’t go wrong with Ip Man, as well as remembering the story is based on the real-life events of Ip Man.

Written By Robert Drever

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