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Ghost Master Review: Glasgow Film Festival

This film wears its inspirations on its sleeves, the film name drops many famous horror directors and the main character is literally called Akira Kurosawa (famous Japanese director who directed Seven Samurai, Rashomon and Ran). This is Paul Young’s first directing feature and while this film is not a terrible film, it can’t be classed as good. Paul Young is clearly inspired by The Evil Dead but unlike these films which was heavy on practical effects Ghost Master tries to do more than it can achieve.

Ghost Master takes place on the set of a low budget film set based on a popular girl manga that slowly becomes a living nightmare as the assistant director Akira Kurosawa passion project script becomes a deadly demon that takes control of one of the cast members.

This film has annoying characters which are just a pain to watch and listen to as the acting is not great. One character almost does something so vile I cannot believe people thought it would be acceptable to shoot the scene. I will not go into detail on what happens but all I will say is that I think its very disrespectful to women and if it was meant to be a funny scene then it was in terrible taste.

For being a horror comedy the films scariest aspect is it is neither a horror or a comedy. While some of the kills are entertaining they are ruined by the heavy use of bad CGI and it’s a shame as when practical effects are used most of it looks great. The same thing can apply to the comedy, the opening moments are really funny but then the rest of the film just was not funny to me. I just found it annoying

People might enjoy this film as dumb fun, but I didn’t. Some moments were really entertainment but i was more frustrated than entertained and for a film that’s an 1 hour and 30 minutes long it felt it was on for much longer.

Written By Robert Drever

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