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Flint Review: Glasgow Film Festival

What happened in the City of Flint, Michigan was horrible, disgusting and makes you think how could this have happened in 2014. Nobody should have to be scared of the water coming out of their taps or shower.

Flint is a documentary which covers the events of what happened in Flint as it happened. The documentary follows many locals from Flint who were effect by the tragedy. It also follows a scientist who wants to help Flint and fix the situation. In addition it also follows a group Water Defence who are trying to prove the scientists aren’t telling the whole truth and are lying to the public.

If you think this is a lot to cover in a 2 hour documentary you’re right. I feel it could have benefited by being a 3 or 5 part mini series instead of documentary feature. To me documentaries should have a point to them and when you finish watching the documentary you go “oh that is what it is trying to say about the situation”.

Flint doesn’t really have a clear point. Is the point that what happened in Flint is horrible because anyone who googles what happened would come to that same conclusion. Is the point people should not have carried out bad testing of the water. To me this could have been fixed with simply being a mini series, each episode could have covered a separate aspect of the documentary and really went into why what happened in Flint was a complete disaster.

Flint is certainly an interesting and engaging watch though. Seeing the events transpire and learning what happened at Flint is just shocking. There will be moments where you laugh at the hypocrisy of some people as they will do anything to cover their asses and moments you’ll be flat out shocked.

Even though I have issues with this documentary. Flint is still a good watch and the fact my issue is I wanted more of it so it could have been more focused shows this is a story which needs to be told.

Written By Robert Drever

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