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Creepshow 2 Review

Review copy provided by Arrow Video.

Creepshow 2 is an anthology horror film that features 4 vignettes (sketches) 3 of these are the main focus of the film and the other plays out between the other 3. Because of this I’m going to go through each vignette and give a mini review for each one then giving my overall opinion at the end.

Starting with vignette 1 which is called Old Chief Wood’nhead. This is really boring and takes forever to get going. For a vignette that is about 25 minutes long it felt like it was on for 40 minutes. As the opening to the film, it is a real turn off.  There’s not a lot that I enjoyed about this, the vignette was ok in terms of directing, however the acting was bad, and it wasn’t scary.  The only good thing about this whole opening is that the concept is really awesome that could have led to a great horror short and the kills feel justified and are pretty enjoyable. I honestly thought if this was the whole film, I would have been in for a horrible time, but things get a lot better with vignette 2 called The Raft.

The Raft while a bit cheap looking at times is generally scary and has some fantastic deaths. The Raft is my favourite vignette of the entire film and could have been amazing if it had had better actors and a director. The Raft follows a group of teenagers who are stuck on a raft in the middle of a lake as a tar like monster tries to kill them. Whilst the monster doesn’t look good in the water, once it gets it hand on one of the teenagers, its gory and satisfying. This was the part of the movie that’s still faint praise, but it still makes up for the first vignette.

The final main vignette called the Hitchhiker was a weird one for me, while I loved the concept of someone you hit in a hit and run continues to haunt you to be interesting. I felt the execution was really hit and miss. While the Hitchhiker gets really violent, and sometimes disturbing. I really didn’t get the story and was more confused than scared. It’s definitely not the weakest vignette but it’s not the best.

In between the vignettes there’s these comic book style scenes that play out telling a story. It’s ok but the story its telling is not very clearly, and the comic book animation isn’t the best.

Overall, I found Creepshow 2 to be a disappointment, it wasn’t scary, and it wasn’t very enjoyable, if you’re into your cult horror you might enjoy this but it wasn’t for me.

Written By Robert Drever

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