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The Farewell Review

“Based on an actual lie”. Being diagnosed with cancer can mentally destroy both a person and their family, life is too short to live in fear with the idea that cancer could completely destroy you, but would your life be different if your family withhold your diagnosis. The Farewell explores this very idea with Awkwafina’s character Billie as her grandma has been diagnosed with cancer, but due to her family beliefs they won’t tell her. Instead Billie’s cousin is being rushed into marriage, so they have a reason for the whole family to go to China to say their goodbyes.

The farewell is a personal and impactful film that could have easily made you dislike the family, as to us not telling someone they’re sick is wrong, however the film does an excellent job making you understand all of the characters viewpoints, this is possible because of how great the acting is. Awkwafina is really great and Shuzhen Zhao as the grandma (who is referred to as nai nai in the film) is a true standout and is really fantastic, you fall in love with nai nai as her character is just so loveable. Writer and director Lulu Wang did a wonderful job of handling this film, instead of a sad depressing film we get this film full of heart, love and is truly impactful. As long as you don’t mind subtitles, I honestly believe anyone can enjoy or even love this film. The farewell is just simply awe inspiring.

Written By Robert Drever

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