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Say I Do to Me Review

I’m a person who grew up with the rise of mainstream social media. YouTube especially is a massive platform that I grew up on. I went through the Suicide Forest incident, the adpocalypse and so much YouTube drama that shaped the platform into what it is today. That doesn’t even consider my love and passion for streaming with the rise in platforms like Twitch which brought me so much joy during the pandemic. So, when a film tackles the internet, it raises red flags for me. Film hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to accurately portraying the internet and especially social media platforms. Say I Do To Me had a rough road ahead to win me over based solely on its base concept. So, I’m happy to say that Say I Do to Me feels refreshing. It’s a funny and creative film that has a great message at its core. The film follows Ping a YouTuber who has a grand plan to marry herself. However, just like with most things on YouTube related there’s more to the story than what you see on the computer screen, and it turns out Ping still has a boyfriend and the whole thing is a plan for money and likes. The main cast is a simple joy to watch.

Everyone has a charm to them that is fun and quirky. That being said the film also has a very deep and important message about what it means to love who you are and not change yourself based on external factors like likes or views. Especially with the studies surrounding the negative impact sites like Instagram have on young people’s mental health. Seeing a film tackle this issue feels modern and relevant. The film’s biggest issue though I feel is some of its comedy. There’s a storyline revolving around a women’s self-discovery that starts well but sadly starts to cross into poor taste as the film progresses. It doesn’t completely rear off though which is a bonus, but I wish this plotline was handled with more care. Say I Do To Me is just a good time. It’s weird and silly and it knows it. Even when discussing serious ideas, it still fits in with the rest of the film’s tone. We need more films like this, and I hope more people get the opportunity to see it.

Written By Robert Drever

Say I Do To Me in is cinemas from April 21st.

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