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Plan 75 Review Glasgow Film Festival 2023

The opening to this film could be regarded as jarring for some but after learning the real-life story it took inspiration from the opening leaving you with an impression that is both striking and powerful. So, it’s sad that it couldn’t sustain that power all the way through. But let’s hold off on that for now Plan 75 follows, 3 different characters and how their lives are affected and changed due to a new government program that is launched in Japan which allows individuals who are 75 or older to elect to be euthanized. This concept is grim and allows for many interesting and exciting avenues to be explored. Japan has an ageing population issue that is very real, so this film blends fiction with reality to pose a possible future. This story at its beginning has a strong bite to it. From the jobs involved in this allowing this program to happen, to the people who may use this program. It’s truly harrowing and impactful but over time it loses that punch and leads you to an ending that feels more like a whimper than it does a punch to the gut. This sucks as the acting throughout is simply fantastic and makes this world seem truly believable and heart-breaking. Especially the performance by Chieko Baisho which is simply fantastic and will leave you with tears in your eyes at a few scenes. Plan 75 is a film that I wanted to be shouting from the heavens about as this type of film should be right up my alley. Instead, I feel it’s a good watch but not a must-watch.

Written By Robert Drever

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