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Mulan 1998 Review

Since we are all locked inside our homes and in need of something to distract us. I decided to watch the original Disney Classic Mulan, as I have not seen it recently and I wanted to rewatch it before the live action remake hit the cinema. 

Mulan still looks beautiful despite the fact it is over 20 years old. The animation is truly stunning and holds up even compared to films released today. The best aspect of this film is the voice acting with the true standout being Eddie Murphy as Mushu. He brings a level of comic relief which is needed for a film that deals with a very real subject matter of women not being respected and deemed not as strong or worthy as males. 

While this film is a musical, the music is the films weakest aspect. I only remember one song which is “I’ll make a man out of you”. The song is sung perfectly by Donny Osmond which shocked me as the character who sings the song is voiced by B.D. Wong.

There’s also a couple of cool action scenes with a standout being when the Huns attack our heroes whilst on a snowy mountain. Mulan was made during the Disney renaissance in the 1990’s so because of that I had high hopes going in. While the film is not perfect, I still had a good time. If you need something the whole family can enjoy, watch this blast from the past.

Written By Robert Drever

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