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Mister Organ Review Glasgow Film Festival 2023

Documentaries are not my strong suit. While I can enjoy them it’s a genre of cinema that is the hardest for me to watch, so for me to just say oh this sounds interesting let’s put this on in unusual. Unlike an action film let’s say where if I recognise one name, I’m likely to give it a go. You may be asking why I am giving this pre-warning before my review well, it’s to highlight why me giving this documentary high praise means something. Mister Organ is a fascinating and gripping documentary from David Farrier the same man who brought you tickled. It’s a weird and uncomfortable tale about 1 man Michael Organ.

A man that could be psychotic, dangerous and simply terrifying. Seeing the events unfold feels like it could have simply come from a tv mini-series about how one small action led to a series of events no one could have predicted. From sign stealing to weird flirtish remarks, to key making. It’s a film that doesn’t just go down the rabbit hole but dives headfirst down it and you can’t wait to see it to its thrilling conclusion. Saying anything more about this film apart from please go and watch it would honestly just be the biggest spoilers of all, and honestly, I would not want to spoil this amazing watch for anyone. This is a definite must-see.

Written By Robert Drever

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