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Dune 4K Blu-ray Review

Review copy provided by Warner Brothers.

When I saw Dune in the cinema late last year, it felt like a return to an era of cinema I thought was over, where we would see massive sci-fi epics on the big screen! Now you can experience this epic at home with the release of Dune on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray. 

So, what I was wondering was if such a massive film would work well on the small screen? And I’m happy to report that not only does the film work, but I also feel that’s it’s exceptional on the small screen. Watching this back, I was still in awe with the scale and visuals that flooded across the screen. Every ship, sand worm, or dragonfly looking ship still pops visually and has an artistic style that is unparalleled. In an era where Star Wars and the occasional Star Trek film in my opinion are the only true sci-fi epics to grace the film sphere, it’s refreshing to have Dune be among legends. Just like how Dune the book inspired sci-fi and many other stories and is praised as an all time classic. The new iteration of Dune will do the exact same for a new generation.

In terms of picture and sound quality, the picture is 4K crispy with every facial, environmental and costume details that allows the viewer to be transported into the world of Dune. I feel I could literally count the number of hairs that are in Oscar Isaac’s beard. This film will be a reference disc when it comes to picture quality for the 4K enthusiasts.

The film sound also soared, the soundtrack creates powerful moments in the sound mix and creates a sound stage that is never audible boring or lackluster. My only issue with the sound was sometimes when characters where whispering, it was sometimes hard to hear but I’m likely to blame the fact I don’t have a 7.2.4 surround sound system to fully take advantage of the Dolby Atmos soundtrack. But when it comes to a general consumer who only has a tv and the tv speakers, it’s a very epic sound mix even with the built-in speakers.

The blu-ray is also filled with a load of bonus features, in an age where bonus features feel like a selling point for the boutique distributors. It is nice to see major release filled with bonus content. To me it shows Warner Brothers continued dedicated support when it comes to physical media which in my opinion is a massive win!

In the age of streaming good physical releases are becoming more and more a relic of the past, its nice to get a release that seems like its for film lovers and physical media collectors.

If you could not tell by now, I absolutely recommend purchasing Dune. The film deserves to be in everyone’s collection and I’m so glad it’s in mine!

Dune is out now on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray.

Written By Robert Drever

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