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Arctic Review

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Arctic is the first film by Joe Penna, who before making this film was a successful YouTuber with his most popular video on the platform having nearly 17 million views. While Youtuber’s who venture into films or film making typically make films for their fans and in my opinion would not be classed as a piece of art. Arctic is an exception to the rule and can truly be classed as art that anyone can watch and enjoy.

Arctic revolves around Overgård played by Mads Mikkelsen who is stranded alone in the arctic living his life somewhat well. But one day Overgård has to make a decision. Does he stay where he is and remain safe or, does he voyage through the treacherous arctic. I am not going to spoil why he might have to make this decision as I think you should experience this film for yourself. Mads Mikkelsen is just incredible, a lot of this films story relies on visual story telling rather than being dialog driven and Mads Mikkelsen sells all of it expertly. Its heavy use on visual story telling is also very well done and stops the film from treating the audience like an idiot. Honestly Joe Penna did a great job both writing and directing this film.

Arctic is simply a great film, while everyone might not enjoy this film as it’s a bit slow at times and it’s a very simple. I personally really enjoyed it and would recommend Arctic to anybody.

Written By Robert Drever

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